Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I had to remind myself to breath

"Just heard the New Quartet, with Jason Moran, Rueben Rogers, and Eric Harland here in Buffalo -- right in front of him, about 20 feet away... Inspiring, astonishing, stunning! I had to remind myself to breath from time to time. 2011 is young, but it's gonna be hard to top this performance this year! Anyways..."


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Taking Jazz Eastward at Lincoln Center

"All in all, a great night of music by one of the best working quartets going today. The group sidestepped expectations at every turn while displaying a chemistry that was as unique as the leader himself."

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Charles Lloyd Quartet @ Nate Holden P.A.C.

Sax spirituality

"There isn’t much in the way of gut bucket growling in a Lloyd solo, but there is an intellect there that causes the horn to weave through the sonic tapestry like a fine gold thread dipping and diving through a fabric on the loom, a bit of audio weft binding together the aural warp provided by his fellow musicians…"

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