Saturday, May 02, 2009

NYTimes Review of Perspectives at Carnegie Hall

Sangam, which features the saxophonist Charles Lloyd and the drummer Eric Harland, made the concert’s first half an intrepid outing. The trio’s first offering, “Guman,” featured meditative vocals by Mr. Hussain, who wrote the song, but first came a mysterious rustle of shakers and a rumbling piano drone, played first by Mr. Lloyd and then by Mr. Harland.

On the next few songs, Mr. Lloyd was the one sounding a melodic incantation, on tenor, alto or tárogató, a straight woodwind instrument; his outpourings were imploring and soulful.

The trio delivered its share of percussive flash — Mr. Hussain was right to introduce Mr. Harland as “my partner in rhythm crime” — but the more lasting impression of the first half was melodic. This had to do partly with the pianist Jason Moran, an unbilled guest on the song “Tales of Rumi.”

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