Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Metal Jazz reviews Ben Ingram vs. the State of Mississippi

The emotional peak hits on Sunday, when Darr's documentary "Ben Ingram vs. the State of Mississippi" screens. Ingram, Charles Lloyd's grandfather, was quite a rarity in the early 1900s -- a black man who owned 1,600 acres of Mississippi farmland. Through interviews and archival images of slave lists and Jim Crow signage, Darr sets up the climate that made Ingram's success so improbable, as Lloyd's aching saxophone etches the soundtrack. Then Darr brings down the hammer with the crossroads moment in 1918 when Ingram kills his white neighbor in a boundary dispute.

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Anonymous said...

These are my family members.I found my way to this site after looking at a picture my daughter sent me on facebook from the Ingram Family Reunion going on this weekend in Mississpi 7-27-12thru 7-29-2012.I was unable to attend so I was doing research on the family. Very iteresting.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes it is when you know the real truth

1:21 PM  

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