Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Charles Lloyd and Lift Every Voice

Fascinating podcast on Charles Lloyd and Lift Every Voice.

Click here to enjoy.


Anonymous John B. said...

I had thought I had a pretty good knowledge of jazz and jazz artists. I had taken a course in jazz appreciation in college, spun vinyl of Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, as well as Art Ensemble of Chicago, Charlie Haden, etc. but had never heard Charles Lloyd until 2007 when I read an interview between Thomas Rain Crowe and Lloyd in Asheville Poetry Review. That printed interview changed my life, as it compelled me to collect Lloyd's recordings, beginning with The Water Is Wide, and also to share his music with friends. I tried to write a poem on Lloyd's 70th birthday, but my words could not adequately express how his music has moved my soul. The essence of this man pours through his horn unlike music from any other musician I have heard.

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