Friday, April 07, 2006

Billboard Review of Sangam


Recorded in 2004 live in Santa Barbara, Calif., "Sangam" is Lloyd‘s mesmerizing homage to late drummer/collaborator Billy Higgins. Lloyd delivers rapturous journey music with his trio mates, tabla master Zakir Hussain and fine young drummer Eric Harland. Lloyd‘s signature probing lyricism embellished by high-note flights of passion (the exhilarating title track and the jog-paced "Tender Warriors") certainly serve as the CD‘s calling card. But the engine propelling the set is the double-percussion drive, which showcases the underexposed talents of Hussain. His rapid-fire tabla flutters and gallops; "Tales of Rumi" and the "Lady in the Harbor" fascinate with North Indian hue and weave. Noteworthy tracks include "Nataraj," Lloyd‘s relatively short piano muse; "Little Peace," fueled by his jaunty melodic flute lines; and "Dancing on One Foot," the slowly simmering album opener.



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